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Hello, all!

And all is not that many. I am posting in my own journal for the first time in a month.
So, I've been living some life, I am now a successful month-long vegetarian, and I found God. That really sounds weird, but I do, after a a nearly two doubt period, believe in God. I do not believe in Hell, which still calls into question many of Jesus' teachings, so I am not a full-fledged Christian again. I am a deist I suppose. But I feel much better, more full. I've started praying occasionally (meditation never worked so well for me). I'm in touch with my spirituality, and that makes the whole world brighter.
I've started working out twice a week, if I'm going to become even skinnier then I was before, I don't want it to be the scrawny kind of skinny. I'm going to be a buff vegetarian. I was invited to be published again, that's poem #3. Exciting stuff. I am now in the developemental stages of a play and a novel. My goal is to find one that speaks to me more, and finish it before I go off to college in next August. We'll see how that goes.
All caught up now!
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