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I woke up this morning feeling half-dead. It was not a prevailing sensation, just a bad beginning. As I dressed slowly, getting a gradual improvement in my awareness, I started to dread the day for no real reason.
When I looked in the mirror for grooming (ha, ha) I noticed that not only had bags in my eyes, but wrinkles in the bags. I looked like hybrid of ghost and zombie.
Oh well, I avoided mirrors for the rest of the school day, and managed to feel better; there was simply nothing wrong with the day, nothing great either, but nothing wrong.
In 3rd hour drama we read for the play that we are this march, an adaptation of ‘A Connecticut in King Arthur’s Court.’ I’ve decided that I’m best cut out for Merlin.
We got report cards 5th hour (I’m on a trimester schedule), and I had three A’s and two C’s. That’s a 3.4 GPA. Satisfactory, but not great. I’m gonna get straight A’s this session. I always tell myself that.
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